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5 Activities to help celebrate Easter at home

With the current situation being what it is, Easter is looking like a very different holiday right now. The dreaded ‘’C’’ word has thrown our lives upside down, so how do you celebrate Easter when you are stuck at home?!

Easter egg hunt

You can still go outside! Even if you have a small deck, go outside, breathe in the fresh air and hide a few Easter eggs for the kids, or your partner to find. If it is just you and other adults, why not make it a little more difficult with a riddle hunt? Hide little riddles all around the house and have a pack of delicious chocolate eggs or bunnies ready as the prize at the end.

Colour your eggs

This is a great activity to do for the kids. I got the idea from a friend, and I love it!  First step is to hard boil a few eggs, however many you want. Once boiled and cooled down, gently crack the shell in a few places, but don’t peel it! Bring a fresh pot of water to a simmer and add a small spoon of turmeric powder. Place the eggs back in the water for 1-2 minutes. Once the eggs are fully cooled down you can peel the shell off and you should be left with beautiful markings from the turmeric! Try it out with other colourful foods such as beetroot and squid-ink. (But don’t use cayenne pepper, trust me on that!)

Egg race

The prize at the end can be adjusted depending on the age of the participants, perhaps a few chocolate eggs for the little ones, and maybe a shot of something stronger for the adults? Each participant must colour/mark an egg (make sure it is hard boiled, or made of chocolate). Find a little sloped area in your house, or in your garden. Line all eggs up and release them at the same time. Which egg will win?

Obstacle course

I saw this one on a social media video, you might have seen it too? With masking tape you can set up an entire obstacle course for a child or adult to complete. Be creative, move furniture to become an obstacle or make them sing a song and twirl around 3 times, at a certain point. But keep it safe and fun for everyone involved. Don’t limit yourself to indoors, make use of the garden if you can. Whomever can complete the course the quickest will win a special prize.

Story telling

This one can be done for kids or for adults. These days we have a world of knowledge at our fingertips, literally. So let’s make use of it! Each participant must research the meaning of Easter, or write an Easter story. Then all come together in the living room and share your stories. They can be funny, serious, fact, or fiction. The important part is to learn and spend time together!

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Image credit: La Petite Chocolat

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