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5 Reasons why chocolate is the perfect gift!

Is there any gift that is more universal or versatile than chocolate?

We don’t think so.

For centuries, chocolate has been a symbol of luxury, affection, respect, or romance. It can help you say, “I’m sorry,” or “I love you,” or “thank you.” 

Chocolate crosses generations and genders. It is accessible to everyone, and it literally makes people happy. You can search high and low for the ideal present – trawling website after website, spend hours fighting your way through crowded malls, or just read on to be reminded why chocolate really is the perfect gift. 

Chocolate Is For Everyone

Once the exclusive realm of the wealthy, cacao has transformed over the centuries until it became commercially available to one and all. This is an evolution we are all truly thankful for! Nowadays, chocolate is available – and adored – across the globe.

From toddlers to great grandparents, from mechanics to CEOS, from your next-door neighbour to your spouse – this is truly a gift that is appropriate for everyone!

The Options Are Endless

Got a diabetic uncle or a die-hard gym-bunny best friend? No problem! You can still find a chocolate product to suit them. Sugar-free, organic, nut-free, gluten-free, low-fat… there’s a chocolate variety for any and all needs.

The versatility doesn’t stop there. If you need something a wee bit fancy for a discerning loved one, purchase some artisanal, individually-wrapped, beautifully boxed chocolates. Need an original talking point for someone who has exotic tastes? Browse the latest taste sensation from your local chocolate maker.

There truly is a chocolate variety for everyone.

Chocolate Makes People Happy

The mere gift of chocolate to a chocolate lover can bring a smile to their dial. But the powers of chocolate reach far beyond this pleasure. Research has shown that the components in cacao trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin in our brains. It literally makes us feel happy!

Bear in mind that this research relates more to high quality, darker chocolate. So stick to the high cacao content artisanal stuff if you are trying to boost someone’s happiness quota.

It’s Produced With Love And Kindness

Artisanal chocolate makers are passionate about their craft, so you can be sure their products are made with a great deal of care. But beyond this craftsmanship, chocolatiers often go to great efforts to ensure that their cacao is sourced sustainably and ethically. They usually support small communities and ensure a fair price is paid for their cacao.

Local chocolate makers take pride in all their ingredients and commonly use local products (fruit, nuts, honey, etc.). So, you know you are supporting local, sustainable, ethical businesses. Of course, this is an important consideration amid the global issues of today.

It’s Shareable

While it’s understandable (and perfectly acceptable) that some of us may choose to stash our chocolate away and indulge in it as a solitary treat, chocolate is also made to be shared. It’s the ideal gift for a family, a couple, a team – or even if you are secretly hoping that the recipient chooses to share a couple of squares with you!

So, if you are looking for the perfect Valentines gift, head on over and shop our selection here at The Chocolate Tour. We have gifts for all occasions and even a super special seasonal selection for all the major holidays!

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