Simply the best

Creating amazing chocolate is a real art form, and while the bigger and more well known brands certainly have their place in the life of a chocolate addict, there is no place for them in The Chocolate Tour boxes.  I hunt high and low to find extraordinary chocolates, made by very talented small New Zealand businesses. Each product is taste tested by myself, to ensure it meets my high standards, so even if you are a well-travelled chocolate lover I am sure to have a few surprises for you. This includes limited edition flavours that have been created just for me, I love making you feel special!

The primary criteria are:
  • The final product must be made in New Zealand
  • It is artisan – these chocolates are lovingly made in small batches
  • Amazing flavours (obviously)
  • The ingredients are high quality – no yucky fillers accepted
So what is in the monthly chocolate boxes?

Each month includes a combination of different types of products; bean to bar craft chocolate bars, flavoured chocolate bars, filled chocolates, and other chocolate creations. And as each month revolves around a special theme, you are ensured to never get the same product within a 3 month cycle. There will always be variety in flavours and products.

What about allergies?

Most artisan and craft chocolate is gluten-free and vegan, and most of those chocolates are made with organic ingredients. There are a small number of chocolate makers and chocolatiers who also create dairy-free and sugar-free chocolates.  So I am confident in saying that I can cater to most dietary requirements. If you have any concerns you can always contact me on and I can confirm which products would be most suitable for you.

Where do you get your chocolate from?

Below is a list of some of the New Zealand chocolatiers and chocolate makers that have been featured in the past;

  • Hogarth Craft Chocolate
  • Ocho
  • Wellington Chocolate Factory
  • Chocolatier Mirams
  • Honest Chocolat
  • SHE Universe
  • Flint Chocolate
  • Baron Hasselhoff’s
  • And many more!

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting chocolate flavours, products, and their makers, so please contact me if you have any secrets to share.

Make sure to check out The Chocolate Tour’s Youtube channel to watch review videos and learn more about New Zealand chocolate.