Do you plan your holidays around the chocolate shops, mapping them out before you get to trivial things like accommodation? That’s me in a nutshell, and I’m hoping I can bring that chocolatey experience to you!

I’ve always been into chocolate. As a kid I just ate it. In my early 20s I learnt how to make elaborate, chocolatey cakes and temper chocolate. And I’ve long had a penchant for standing for too long in front of the displays in fancy chocolate shops, carefully choosing a selection.

One Christmas about 10 years ago I sold chocolate cakes to 30-odd people – I baked, decorated and delivered them all within a 36 hour period. I didn’t sleep, but I learned a lot (mostly that making cakes to sell wasn’t my calling).

The next year I taught myself to temper chocolate, and made elaborate boxes of dipped chocolates and truffles for my family Christmas gifts.

When we moved to Wellington I started a food blog, mainly centred around sweet things. That gave me the excuse to spend all my spare time hunting down delicious things, and scouring the internet for impractically delicious dishes. I did my so-called “chocolate tours” everywhere we went, hunting down as many chocolate shops as I could, and buying and tasting their wonderful wares. When we go on holiday we start with the chocolatiers and then choose less important things like accommodation. 😉 

These days, with two small children, I don’t have much time for crazy baking escapades (my “helpers” slow things down a little), but I still adore chocolate. Over time I’ve found I prefer quality over quantity, and seeking out new depths of flavour wins over a simple sugar hit. Luckily for me, many new artisan chocolatiers have popped up in New Zealand over the last few years. So when I went looking for a New Zealand-based chocolate subscription service and couldn’t find one, I figured it was time for a new chocolate venture. And here we are! I hope you’ll join me on the tour.