My chocolate obsession

Hi! My name is Kim, and I am obsessed with chocolate. My chocolate obsession started as a young child. Growing up in The Netherlands we had some of the best chocolate in the world, I thought! But my obsession was pretty boring, milk chocolate with hazelnuts was my favourite. I never liked the dark stuff. I was very much a typical child, with a major sweet tooth!

Me visiting my family in The Netherland, Feb 2018, enjoying my favourite Dutch chocolate drink.

In my teens I became intrigued with the idea of travelling. The endless possibilities, meeting new people, and the opportunity to re-invent myself in every city I would visit. When I was 18 I started my big adventure. Wherever I travelled to, the local cuisine has always been a big part of how I experienced a new place. Desserts were always a ‘must have’ whenever I was eating out. (And they still are now that I am an adult.)

As I get older, and busier, I have come to realise that food is more about quality then quantity. It is about enjoying a meal with people you love and experiencing new flavours. When it comes to chocolate, New Zealand has been very lucky, as many new artisan and craft chocolatiers and chocolate makers have popped up over the last few years, and they have introduced us to a wide range of new flavours and experiences.

It is truly amazing how there can be such a massive difference in flavour, depending on where the cocoa bean was grown. For example, I personally prefer cacao beans from Peru, over the Solomon Islands. As an adult I still have a chocolate addiction but now I love dark chocolate, I no longer crave the sweet stuff!

How can you get your hands on NZ-made chocolate?

Join me as I tour my way around New Zealand’s wonderful chocolate! There are different subscription levels and frequencies to choose from. Or you could even buy them as a gift for a fellow chocolate lover! If you sign up to my newsletter I will keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of chocolate + send you special offers!


If you are unsure what type of chocolate is your favourite, click here for a quiz and find out what type of chocolate matches your personality!