Kim - owner of The Chocolate Tour - introductionHi! I am Kim! And if you haven’t met me yet, there is really only one thing you need to know: I am OBSESSED with NZ-made artisan and craft chocolate!

My goal in life is to share my chocolate obsession with you. And help introduce you to amazing NZ brands,  as well as all their weird and wonderful chocolate creations.

Regardless of your dietary needs, I aim to help find chocolate to suit your needs and lifestyle. All while remaining true to my passion: artisan and craft chocolate! You will be surprised with the delicious creations out there!

A few years ago I decided to turn my obsession into a business, The Chocolate Tour. I now support over 25+ small NZ chocolate makers and chocolatiers all around the country. So every purchase you make from me flows on to support them too!

My chocolate obsession started as a young child. While growing up in The Netherlands I thought we had some of the best chocolate in the world! But my obsession was pretty boring, milk chocolate with hazelnuts was my favourite. I was very much a typical child, with a major sweet tooth! As I left my home country and started travelling my mind was blown by the amazing variety of flavours and options, and I couldn’t help myself but to try and learn more about the world of chocolate, with a personal challenge to taste them all!

It is truly amazing how there can be such a massive difference in flavour, depending on where the cocoa bean was grown. For example, I personally prefer cacao beans from Peru, over the Solomon Islands.

How can you get your hands on NZ-made chocolate?

Join me, as I tour my way around New Zealand’s wonderful chocolate! You can choose from different subscription levels and frequencies. Or you could even try out a one-off chocolate box or buy one as a gift for a fellow chocolate lover! If you sign up to my newsletter I will keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of chocolate + send you special offers!

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