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Gold (January 2018)

January’s box was the Gold collection. This theme made me think of summer heat and golden lager, but I was also excited to try some top shelf, gold award-winning chocolate!

I started with She Universe’s Pineapple Lumps. I was slightly hesitant to try these as I’m not a big pineapple fan. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The pineapple flavour wasn’t too strong, with the passionfruit providing an exquisite sweetness which lingered on the tongue. With a creamy, crumbly, white chocolatey, fruity filling and a deep, dark chocolate outer, these were lovely!

After trying the wonderful contribution from Hogarth in September’s High Tea box, I had to crack into Hogarth’s Gianduia next. I love the gold wrappers on these bars: I feel like I’m unwrapping a treat from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! This golden package was full of creamy chocolate goodness that melted in the mouth, with a subsequent taste of almost burnt hazelnut. This bar has a really satisfying, rich flavour and was just the ticket for what I was craving.

Next was Honest Chocolat’s Salted Caramel and Buckwheat Tablet. This bar is an unusual combination of delicious milk chocolate, salty, tangy caramel pieces and sweet, crunchy buckwheat. For me, this was a winning combo, with a particularly lovely aftertaste and great textures.

Chocolatier Mirams’ Crunchy Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Sticks are just plain gorgeous. Crunchy and creamy and coated with cocoa. The only problem I had with them was that there was only one. I wanted more!

Chocolatier Mirams’ Bonbons were an interesting choice, with three unusual flavour amalgamations. The banana passion was divine; the honey and rosemary was a masterful combination of dark chocolate and savoury rosemary, softened with honey; and the lemon meringue was like a tiny, delightful version of the bigger pudding.

Another surprise for me was Colestown Chocolate’s Peanut Bar. I’ve tried combinations of peanut and chocolate before and have been distinctly unimpressed. This bar was simply delicious and, I have to admit it, my favourite. With crunchy peanuts cresting the top of the milk chocolate outer layer and a chocolate and peanut butter filling that was beautifully creamy, smooth, sweet and salty, this was a real winner.

This month’s selection really was worthy of the name: it was gold class, top of the range chocolate. Roll on February and more deliciousness from The Chocolate Tour!

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Fruits of Summer (December 2017)

Fruits of Summer, for me, conjures up memories of raspberries from our childhood garden, strawberries with icing sugar, stone fruit juice dribbling down my chin, crunchy pavlova and real fruit ice creams. I was looking forward to receiving a chocolate box bursting with the taste of summer, and this did not disappoint!

I started out with the Schoc Passionfruit Chocolates, and what a way to start! They smelled divine (quite floral) and had a lovely marbled pattern. The filling reminded me of the passionfruit coulis you might have on a summer pav: the taste was fruity and sweet, with a delicate texture.

Next was Solomon’s Gold Dark Berry Bar. The texture of this bar was not as smooth as some of the other chocolate. However, it had a lovely deep cacao flavour with a subtler berry taste behind it and I still couldn’t stop eating it!

The Ocho Beekeeper chocolate was lovely and smooth with a hint of honey, which strengthened the more bites I took. I liked the look of the bar with its OCHO imprint as well.

The pack of four Bohemein chocolates was a clever collection of four quite different chocolates. The coconut cream truffle was my favourite, with the unusual Rosemary and Apricot a close second. An enjoyable ensemble of contrasting tastes.

The freeze dried strawberries from House of Chocolate were sweet and crumbly on the inside and smooth on the outside. They crunched going in and melted on my tongue like sherbet.

Finally, the piece de resistance was the House of Chocolate Fig, Cherry and Pistachio tablet. This bar looks like summer! It is colourful, textured and tastes simply delicious. Even better, it’s vegan and dairy free so almost anyone can eat it. The chewy, sweet fruit sits in a base of lovely creamy dark chocolate. This was without a doubt the star of the show!

All in all, The Chocolate Tour’s Fruits of Summer box was a lovely combination of complimentary fruit flavours, all based in well-made, delicious chocolate. I can’t wait for January’s box of deliciousness!

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