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Chocolate And Positivity

For centuries, chocolate has been used as a natural mood booster. From ancient times when emperors sipped on cacao concoctions to give their libidos a boost to modern times where indulging in quality chocolate is the ultimate in self-care.

Chocolate continues to dispense sweet positivity wherever it goes.

In a world where we are seemingly inundated with bad news, positivity – and the things that provide it – should never be underrated.

Today, we celebrate chocolate and its power to lift our mood in an instant.

What Is Positivity?

Being positive isn’t about being an eternally-smiling Pollyanna in every circumstance imaginable. Nor is it about being fake and sunshiny 24/7. It is, however, about having an optimistic attitude instead of expecting the worst and dwelling in negativity.

More often than not, human brains are conditioned and wired towards negativity. That means expecting the worst, worrying, stressing, and dwelling on unpleasant thoughts.

The good news is that positive thinking can be learned. With practice, we can rewire our brains to react differently in various situations. This can transform the way we experience life’s joys and challenges.

Chocolate And Positivity

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with chocolate. Well, a lot more than you may think.

Those humble little cacao beans are imbued with compounds that help your brain be positive, and the simple act of treating yourself to a few squares can make a world of difference to your mood. Here’s how…

Fantastic Flavanols

Many studies focused on chocolate have revealed a number of positive health benefits. Among these are stress relief and a boost in brain function. When we eat high-quality dark chocolate, our brains release various chemicals and neurotransmitters that literally make us feel good, decrease stress and pain levels. They also give us that “falling in love” kind of feeling. 

One study even found that the mere aroma of chocolate can make us feel calm!

Another handy side-effect is the boost in memory, cognition, energy, and brain function. Basically, eating a few squares of artisanal, high cacao chocolate can help rewire your brain to think more positively.

Even the ancient Mayans believed in the power of chocolate. They used cacao in their ceremonies thousands of years ago to connect with their inner spirits.

Being Present

Negative thinking is usually rooted in the past or future. You may find yourself fretting about something that already happened, or stressing about something that might happen. Positive thinking is focused on the present moment.

It’s about recognising that you are where you need to be and that the only moment you can control is the present one.

When you think about it, chocolate ties in well with this philosophy.

To fully appreciate the flavours, aromas, and texture of your chocolate, you need to eat it mindfully while being present. Let it slowly melt in your mouth while you appreciate the subtleties within – what better way to be present and have a moment of positivity!?

In a world that’s often more stressful than not, where we are all rushing around trying to get everything done, moments of happiness and positivity are precious. We need to take the time to show a little love to ourselves and others. What better way to do that, than by enjoying something so simple that has the power to make us feel good?

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