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How to cook with chocolate

While there is nothing wrong with simply snacking on some mouthwatering, quality artisanal chocolate, there’s a whole other world of chocolatey potential awaiting you if you decide to use chocolate in your cooking.

The variety of sweet treats is almost unlimited. But, with a bit of creativity and courageous experimentation, cacao can add some pure magic to savoury dishes as well.

From good, old-fashioned cookies and cakes to decadent desserts and even healthy offerings, there are chocolate recipes to suit any taste.

Let’s take a glance at how to use different kinds of chocolate in your cooking. Then, we will check out some of the top chocolate recipes for cooking with our favourite ingredient!

Different Kinds Of Chocolate For Cooking

Different varieties of chocolate not only offer different intensity and sweetness, but they can also alter the texture of your dish. You want to make sure you are using the right kind of your chocolate recipes.

Here’s the best use for each kind of cacao:

  • Unsweetened/cooking chocolate – no sugar, very bitter. Best for cooking and baking but not pleasant to snack on!
  • Bittersweet chocolate – High cacao content but low sugar. Stong taste, great for baking. Along with semisweet, suitable for people who don’t consume dairy.
  • Semisweet chocolate – Generally medium to high cacao content and a bit more sugar. Ideal for chocolate chip cookies.
  • Milk chocolate – Contains dairy. Creamy, and sweet with a milder flavour. Easy to melt. Good for snacking or baking.
  • White chocolate – Contains dairy. Lacks cocoa solids but still has cocoa butter. Debatable whether it’s classed as chocolate. Super sweet and good for snacking.

Chocolate Bark

Okay, it’s technically not cooking. But, this is one of the simplest and most versatile things you can do with chocolate! It’s an awesome snack and makes for a great gift.

This chocolate recipe is easy peasy! Simply melt chocolate, spread on a tray, and add almost anything you want – from good-for-you snacks to decadent sweet treats; the pantry is your limit! Check out some chocolate bark inspiration here.

Chocolate Chilli

Most chocolate lovers know that a dash of chilli powder gives chocolate a delectable edge, so why not reverse it and cook up a batch of warming chilli that includes an intriguing hint of chocolate? Everyone will be asking what your secret ingredient is.

Energy Bars/Muesli Bars

Get your chocolate fix while staying healthy. There are numerous health benefits to eating quality dark chocolate. So naturally, it’s a great addition to a muesli bar to grab on the go.

Even better, you can design your chocolate recipes to include your top healthy foods. Like Cranberry & Cashew or all the goodness of an Energy Bar.

Vegetable Cakes

Have kids that don’t like veggies? Or maybe you just want some help getting your 5+ a day. Then try sneaking some extra goodness into a traditional style chocolate cake. Try something like a dark chocolate avocado cake, a dark chocolate, date and beetroot cake, or a dark chocolate zucchini bread.

Chocolate Pavlova

Didn’t think the old kiwi classic could get any better? Chocolate proves you wrong. This upgraded concoction will propel you to Christmas party or family dinner fame. Once you have had chocolate pavlova, you won’t want the classic any more.

Cookie In A Mug

You can’t go wrong with warm chocolate chip cookies oozing melted chocolate. But maybe you don’t want to cook (and eat) an entire batch. Yet, you need a quick and easy fix. Say hello to the cookie in a mug. Ready in ten minutes, this may turn into your go-to snack.

When it comes to chocolate recipes and cooking with chocolate, this blog could be 100 pages long and we’d still be discovering amazing ideas. Honestly, we think chocolate just makes everything better. Get creative in the kitchen and see where your imagination takes you.

As with everything, the final outcome of your kitchen concoctions depends on the quality of your ingredients. So, it’s always worth using the best quality chocolate available for tip-top results.

And we always have the best quality chocolate in our boxes here at The Chocolate Tour. Browse the collection now.

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