colour themed chocolate subscription box with New Zealand artisan chocolate
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Colours (February 2018)

February’s subscription box was the Colours collection. When I think of colour, I think of rainbows, warmth, light and childlike fun: all those things that give you warm fuzzies. Chocolate does the same thing for me, so I was excited to taste what all the colours would represent.

I enthusiastically unwrapped the largest block from its yellow paper: Wellington Chocolate Factory’s Salted Brittle Caramel bar. This bar consists of beautiful dark chocolate coated in crunchy, salted caramel brittle. WCF likes to make chocolate blocks with great texture and this was no exception. The smooth chocolate base and the crackling caramel are a contrasting yet complementary pair.

Next I unwrapped orange: She Universe’s Orange and Mandarin bar. The first thing that struck me was the amazing look of this bar with its leaf and cacao pod designs. Creamy chocolate is infused with subtle citrus flavours and gives off a lovely jaffa smell. Of note, the ingredients list includes love and creativity and it’s dairy and sugar (but not sweetener) free.

Purple was Chocolatier Miram’s Blackcurrant and Cacao Chewy Caramel Nougatine Crunch, which is a mouthful linguistically and taste-wise. It has lots of different flavours and textures going on: a berry exterior, crunchy nougat, chewy caramel, flavoursome chocolate. But this unique wee creation works! For a delicate little bar, it packs quite a punch…  I needed at least four more!

The green package contained representatives for both green and blue, in the form of House of Chocolate’s Bonbons. Two exquisite looking (light and dark) green bonbons and one blue. The exteriors are tiny works of art, with polished, marbled swirls of colour. Inside, the mastery continues: the light green contains a lush, creamy peppermint filling; the dark green a slightly grainy, but creamy and fruity feijoa; and the blue an almost liquid, salted caramel. This last one was my favourite, reminding me of old-fashioned toffee. A word of warning: eat it all at once. If you take a bite and come back to it later, the filling oozes out into the packaging. Don’t ask me how I know this…

Last, but not least, was my stand out favourite… Once the red paper was shed, it revealed Cacao for Me’s Raspberry Chocolate. I loved how it essentially gave me a free pass to eat it all myself, given its name. I did, however, allow my husband a wee nibble as it was just too good not to share! This was rich, decadent and rewarding: a perfect pairing of moussey, fudgey chocolate resting on a rich raspberry jam-like pate de fruit, covered with a smooth chocolate coating. Just as the wrapper says … Chocolate happiness!

February’s box definitely delivered on my expectations of warm fuzzies. It was a great way to showcase some quite different, but equally delicious, chocolate creations from around Aotearoa.

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