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The Foundry Chocolate holds a special place in my heart. I met David during the 2019 Chocolate & Coffee show in Auckland. It was David’s chocolate that first allowed me to experience the true flavour difference in chocolate, based on their origin. I never knew there could be such a flavour difference between different countries!

David is simply a chocolate genius! (in my opinion) He is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker. This means he actually sources his own beans directly from the farm in the country he wishes to work with. He then has developed his own very specific process to make amazing chocolate. One of the things that makes Foundry Chocolate special is that is only contains 2 ingredients; cacao and organic cane sugar. David has developed his own way to age chocolate bars, like you might be used to with a red wine! His bars are all from the ‘dark chocolate’ variety and have a very distinct flavour. This is due to the origin they come from and the special process that David uses to create the chocolate.

There are no special courses for making chocolate, you have to do your own research and teach yourself. It took David 3 years of researching + a year and a half of testing recipes and techniques, before he opened his doors in 2018.

In the recent 2020 NZ Chocolate Awards, Foundry Chocolate has won a medal for every single bar they entered, plus category award and the supreme award! (12 awards in total.) And they didn’t even enter their Bolivia and Ecuador 70% bars! An amazing achievement for such a ‘new’ chocolate maker!

If you ever have the chance, buy 2 different bars and compare them next to each other, you will be amazed!  

Foundry Chocolate is regularly featured in The Chocolate Tour’s boxes. Since David developed his new 100% and 90% bars they are also a regular feature in the sugar free or keto boxes! Head to the shop to order your box. Or visit Foundry Chocolate’s website.

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