Are you a New Zealand charity, looking for new ways to raise funds?

The Chocolate Tour is always happy to support New Zealand charities, to help them raise funds and enable them to do what they do best.
Especially charities that focus on mental health and animal welfare are close to my heart.

Since 2019 The Chocolate Tour has helped several small charities to raise funds, by donating a portion of the monthly revenue.

We all need a little help sometimes, and that is ok!

How does it work?

If you would like The Chocolate Tour to support your charity, please email Please send through information about what your charity does and how the funds raised will help you.

Once approved, your charity will be given a special code which can be advertised to your audience. Any orders placed using that code will automatically result in a donation being made to your charity. The donation amount can vary depending on what has been agreed upon. Depending on volume of orders the donations will usually be paid out once a fortnight.

Because the donations are taken out of my profit margin I can only support a limited number of charities at a time, so if your request is declined please do not take offence and please try again later.

Charities that have been supported by The Chocolate Tour