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How to make bonbons at home

This recipe is my favourite and easiest way to make bonbons. There is no need to worry about specific temperatures or fancy equipment, leave that to the experts, instead just have fun and experiment with flavours and textures! Sometimes, simple is best…

Let’s start with the beginning

As with any recipe, you have to start by selecting the best ingredients. But choose wisely, the best don’t always mean the most expense. Instead, simply choose ingredients that fit the purpose.

For my first test batch I used a supermarket variety of chocolate buttons. Be mindful that you choose chocolate buttons that are created for melting, as some varieties have been made to resist melting! Once I got used to the process I upgraded to using artisan chocolate, for more intense flavour.

This recipe makes approximately 15-20 bonbons depending on the moulds you use. However it is very adjustable to the quantity of bonbons you want to make, so you can double or triple it if you need more. Simply keep the ratio between the chocolate and the cream 1:1 for the ganache. (If you prefer a firmer ganache you can add more chocolate, but keep in mind it will naturally set a little firmer once chilled.)

Ganache ingredients:

– 100ml room temperature cream

– 100 grams chocolate, finely chopped

Bonbon shell ingredients:

– 100 grams of chocolate, finely chopped


1. Melt ¾ of the chocolate for the bonbon shell in a shallow bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water. Once nearly fully melted, remove from the heat but keep gently stirring until fully melted and smooth.

2. You can use either a kitchen brush or the back of a tea spoon to coat the inside of the chocolate moulds. You can do 2 or 3 coats if you prefer to have the shell be slightly thicker. Place moulds in the fridge to set.

3. Heat the cream in a 2nd saucepan, but don’t let it boil. Pour over the finely chopped chocolate for the ganache and keep stirring gently. Don’t pour all the cream at once, but do it slowly, and let the heat of the cream melt the chocolate.

4. Remove your chocolate moulds from the fridge once set. Pour your ganache mixture into a piping bag for convenience or you can use a spoon instead. Fill the chocolate shells with the ganache once it has cooled down. Return moulds to the fridge to set again.

5. Once set, remove the moulds and cover them with another layer of chocolate by repeating step 1. Return to the fridge to set again.

Note: Depending on the thickness of your chocolate shell the setting times will vary, but could be between 20-45 minutes. If you pour your ganache into the shell before it has cooled down enough, it will melt the shell and your bonbon might leak.

Ready to level up?

If you want to add some extra flavour or texture to your bonbons, you can add things like honey, liquor, finely chopped nuts, or berries into the ganache just before you pour it into the chocolate shells. By experimenting with the inclusions you will quickly learn how to make the best bonbons, to suit your flavour palate.

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