Artisan chocolate subscription box from The Chocolate Tour with a Kiwi Classics theme
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Kiwi Classics (May 2018)

The May theme is Kiwi Classics.

First up was Hogarth Craft Chocolate’s new Alto Beni Bolivian Dark Milk chocolate. As a long time milk chocolate lover, but someone who’s in it for the creaminess and chocolate rather than the sugar, I love that dark milk is a current trend. Less sweet, more chocolatey – and still that smooth dairy goodness. This bar displays the Hogarth’s exceptional chocolate-making skill, with notes of malt featuring strongly. The story woven to fit this into the Kiwi Classics box spoke to childhood milos and buttered malt biscuits – great taste memories to associate with this amazing chocolate.

House of Chocolate bonbons were next on our tasting menu. The flavours are coffee (a national obsession), peanut butter, and jelly tip. The coffee bonbon was rich and dark, full of flavour and hubby’s favourite. Peanut butter is also a deeply chocolatey peanut bonbon – nice and rich and I love this one. And the jelly tip is a fun combo of wobbly berry jelly and oozing vanilla bean filling – my favourite and definitely reminiscent of jelly tip ice creams and childhood joy.

Also from House of Chocolate is the dark chocolate feijoa; crisp, freeze-dried feijoa covered in dark couverture chocolate. While we’ve had the standard seasonal glut of feijoas here recently I enjoyed having the familiar tart flavour in a different textural context.

Koa chocolates make just one product; a Manuka honey ganache-filled chocolate. These are tasty and sweet, with prominent honey flavours, and even sweeter – all profits from sale go to supporting Bois Gentil Kiwi Creche, a facility that protects kiwi eggs and chicks, helping ensure the birds survive into adulthood.

The Remarkable Chocolate Company’s marshmallow, raspberry and toasted coconut bark is a very generous helping of organic dark chocolate, and a grown up take on rocky road. This is both delicious and highly textured.

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