Special Diets Chocolate Subscription

$55.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $55.00 sign-up fee

Receive a regular delivery of 4 NZ-made artisan chocolate products, suitable for your dietary needs. Scroll down to read more.

You can note any dietary needs & flavour preferences at checkout.

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Are you a chocolate lover, looking for your next taste sensation?

The Chocolate Tour’s special diets chocolate subscription boxes are filled with extraordinary chocolatey goodness, from all over New Zealand, ready for you to explore! If you have special dietary requirements that does not mean you have to miss out on these amazing treats! The Chocolate Tour’s chocolate subscription boxes offer a wonderful and fun way of discovering a range of delicious artisan chocolate. But you won’t know what you are going to get until you open your box. The mystery is part of the fun! Please note that the photos on this page show an example of products in each box, not actual contents.

Each box includes a selection of full sized chocolate products, no little sample bags! An important value for The Chocolate Tour is that all products featured come from small artisan chocolate makers and chocolatiers from around New Zealand. This ensures a high standard of fresh and quality chocolate. To ensure variety, different chocolatiers and chocolate makers are featured every few months.

Your subscription does not require a signup fee, and can easily be changed, paused, or cancelled at any time by logging into your account or emailing

All chocolate subscription boxes are send via overnight courier during the last week of the month. Please read the ‘Shipping & Delivery’ tab for full details.

Each month includes:

– A curated selection of 4 (full size) chocolate products from around New Zealand
– Tasting notes to help you get the most out of your chocolates
– Access to an exclusive Facebook group for chocolate lovers
– FREE delivery to your home or work in the last week of each month

BONUS: Subscription boxes will also receive occasional free samples, exclusive discount codes, and recipes!

What are my options? 

  • Keto friendly
    My criteria for Keto friendly chocolate is less then 6 grams of net carbs per serving (most products will be around 2-4 grams). Keto chocolate is often above 80% cacao and is made with natural sweeteners such as Stevia, no Malitol. I understand that everyone that follows the Keto lifestyle will have different limits for their daily carb intake. So I hope this speciality chocolate box will provide you with a selection of suitable options.
  • Vegan
    Products featured in the Vegan box will be free from any animal products.
  • Sugar free 
    The Sugar free boxes will contain chocolates made with a cacao percentage of higher then 90% (in most cases 100%). Any sweeteners used are usually from natural sources such as stevia. Most importantly please ensure you read the ingredients before consuming to ensure they meet your individual needs.
  • Dairy free
    All products featured in the Dairy free box have been made without the use of any dairy products.
  • Gluten free
    Products featured in the Gluten free box will not contain gluten.

But please keep in mind that our suppliers are small businesses and often use the same equipment to create different products, so small trace amounts of dairy or gluten could be present.

What kind of chocolate will I get?

The chocolate subscription boxes include a variety of full sized chocolate products. (no little samples, you get the full bar to enjoy). Such as: bean-to-bar chocolate tablets, filled chocolates, dipped chocolates, bonbons, truffles, and other chocolate creations. Most products are dark or milk chocolate varieties, with sometimes white or ruby chocolate products. Products are sourced from a range of great New Zealand chocolatiers and chocolate makers. As there are so many amazing chocolatiers and chocolate makers in New Zealand I try to showcase different ones every month. However please keep in mind that due to the limited availability of products suitable for certain dietary requirements, you may find you will receive some of the same products as a previous month.

Please note that the photos on this page show an example of products in each box, not actual contents.

What is artisan chocolate?

When talking about artisan chocolate, the focus is on the chocolate being made in small batches. Sometimes in limited edition flavours, but never mass produced. The chocolate makers and chocolatiers used are small businesses, and it feels great knowing that we can support such a specialised industry in our own backyard! You can read more about the difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier in my blog! 

What if I have allergies?

If you have an allergy or any special dietary requirements please email me on I can often make substitutes to ensure chocolate subscription boxes are suitable for allergies and special diets.

Because the chocolatiers and chocolate makers featured are small businesses, some of them will use the same equipment to process multiple types of ingredients. Therefor some trace amounts may still be present. Please ensure you clarify how sensitive your allergy is so that I can provide you with suitable products.

How does this work?

Chocolate subscription boxes will be send out on the last Monday of the month. There is no sign-up fee and no minimum term. You can log into your account at any time to change, pause, or cancel your subscription. You pay for your first month when you sign up. If you have signed up before the 10th of the month you will receive your first box straight away (depending on stock levels). And your next payment is due on the 23rd to cover next month. But if you sign up after the 10th of the month your box will be send out on the last Monday of that same month. Your next payment would be due the following month for that month’s delivery.

For example:
You sign up on the 6th July, you get send a chocolate box straight away (which would technically be June’s chocolate), and your next payment is due on 23rd July to receive a box at the end of July again. But if you have signed up on the 11th July your first chocolate box will be send out on the last Monday in July, and your next payment isn’t due until 23rd August, with a delivery end of August.

If you would prefer to try a one-off tasting experience please try the One-Off Chocolate Tasting Box 

Shipping & Delivery

Your chocolates are packed in an environment friendly cardboard box, which can be re-purposed or recycled after use, or put into your compost. Courier bags are currently still plastic however a more environment friendly solution is being worked on.
All chocolate subscription boxes include FREE shipping and are send via courier during the last week of the month. They usually arrive within 24-48 hours from sending (please note that rural delivery can take around 3 working days).
One-off tasting boxes and mystery bags are posted within 5 working days and will be charged a $6.95 delivery fee ($11.50 for rural deliveries)
A tracking number is provided to you when your package is sent. If you prefer to receive your chocolate box on a specific date, or if anything goes wrong during delivery please contact
It is recommended you leave out a chilli bin for the courier to place the chocolate box in, or provide instructions for a safe and shaded area when placing your order. Alternatively you can get your chocolate box delivered to your work.