Refund policy

The Chocolate Tour will refund or replace any order/item that is not delivered, or that arrives with significant damage.
However please note that in order to do this you will be required to return the damaged parcel, so that a claim can be lodged with the courier company.

Please note that there is NO refund or replacement offered if;

  • items are damaged or lost after delivery has been completed (including damage that happens in your letterbox or on your doorstep)
  • items you don’t like (the purpose of The Chocolate Tour is to provide you with new flavours/textures that you may have never tried)
  • items that have melted
  • if you have provided an incorrect delivery address

To ensure safe delivery of your order, it is recommended you provide clear delivery instructions, and if possible ensure someone will be home to receive your order. Some customers leave a chilly bin with ice packs outside their door when they are expecting a delivery, or arrange delivery to their work address instead of their home. Delivery instructions can be noted in the comment section at check-out, or emailed to

Every attempt is made to ensure your parcel arrives safely, including sturdy packaging and clear labelling. If you have an issue with your chocolate delivery, please email with your feedback. I would love the opportunity to discuss and resolve any issues!